Monday, August 19, 2013

Why is it I want a feat or proficiency system so much?


Is it that I want to have a way to mechanically differentiate two PCs of the same class?

Is it just that I was that impressed with ACKS's handling of familiars?

I kind of wish I could just let it go because it causes me more angst than I'd quite like.


Edward Wilson said...

We've just started a Castles & Crusades campaign and the lack of feats, proficiencies, or skills means that the only difference between my illusionist and any other is the basic attributes and what spells I pick. Everything is just a lame plain vanilla attribute check.

Rachel Ghoul said...

Oh god, don't get me freaking *started* on the SIEGE Engine.

ProfessorOats said...

'Cause sometimes it's nice to have mechanical support for something you don't want everyone to have and which isn't part of any class' niche. I don't think that's unreasonable

Anonymous said...

Please start on the siege engine. As a fan, I am interested in its faults.

Konsumterra said...

Just found you and added to you to my sidebar links as i was getting plenty of hits from your link on mine

I play BX with a NWP slapped on and it works fine - i like names of some of yours ive seen

some links here to my proficiency stuff but still a work in progress

to me theives/rogues are the nwp experts and get the most and weirdest skill list - but priests and wizards use lots of lore type skills and i have warriors with outdoor campaign and even some craft skills

enoying your stuff