Thursday, August 8, 2013

So I got Blood and Treasure.

A couple days ago actually, but I wanted to read the whole thing before I talked about it.

It's not bad. There are some very, very solid ideas in it. But oh my god there is so much of 3.5 in some places that it stressed me out to read. This is not likely to become my game of choice but there are plenty of things from it that I can make use of in a system that is closer to my needs-- some of which will probably result in a weird hybrid of that game and this one.

It's not D&D Mine, but it's about as close as something so descended from the SRD will get. If I spent a week or two taking a scalpel to it I might be able to get it the rest of the way, though, and there were many little bits of advice or charts that I'll pluck for my own games. So good work, Matt.

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