Saturday, August 3, 2013

Rethinking my energy drain house rules

I dunno, I feel like they were a bit too fiddly and specific, maybe? I'm thinking it might be simpler to just do like my good pal Randall Stukey does in Microlite74. (Except for vampires draining CON because I maintain that makes the most sense and is also fucking cool).

Energy Drain: An attack that would ordinarily drain a character's level instead deals 1d6 damage and imposes a cumulative -1 penalty on all attack, saving, and proficiency/ability throws. If the penalty exceeds the character's level, she dies. 1 point of energy drained is recovered every L days where L is equal to the hit dice of the monster that drained the energy level.


Randall said...

Vampires drain energy levels in my campaigns. However, they have to drink your blood to do it. Touch is not enough.

Pridday said...

Actually, I like those rules a lot. Level drain was always such a pain to work with in figuring out exactly what the character's new stats would be. I generally substituted CON loss for simplicity.

Rachel Ghoul said...

Randall: Aye, I know that. I just like vampires draining CON. It feels more right to my whippersnappers' eyes.