Wednesday, July 31, 2013

In which James Raggi verbally hands me my own ass

In a TheRPGsite thread about Lamentation of the Flame Princess's new adventure, Fuck for Satan, I took the opportunity to ask James Raggi
All respect, Jim, don't you think the title (and the habit of outrageous/provocative titles as a means of getting word of mouth/scaring off namby-pamby wimps like me) is a little... adolescent?
To which he replied:
Of course it is. 
...Well played, sir, well played. Really, though, I guess it's healthy of him to own it.


Edward Wilson said...

Well, he may have owned up to it but I'm still not going to read or buy anything by him. There's better stuff out there without any deliberate rudeness attached.

not a james raggi sock puppet said...

I think you mentioned (Tenkar's dopey blog maybe?) that you think Raggs has issues with women? What do you think his issue is?

Rachel Ghoul said...

Edward: Nor I, I think, though his skill system's kind of interesting.

not a sock puppet: Yeah, that was on Tenkar's. I base my opinion on what he has to say largely on . He talks about how easily it is for him to play vaginas for disgust or horror but doing the same for penises (or, indeed, anuses) only comes off as comedic to him, which seems to me to be strongly indicative of him being uncomfortable with the female form. In an RPGnet thread a couple months ago, user Toms Dad had this to say about that post (to which my own thinking on the matter hews closely):

Trey said...

Well, I guess admitting it is something.

Anonymous said...

According to the G.I. Joes "Knowing is half the battle!"

So admitting it must be at least two-thirds the battle...