Friday, July 5, 2013

New Equipment

I dunno, some items I sometimes think are worth having rules for. Availability of firearms depends on campaign, the rest I think is pretty standard.

Item Price Damage/AC
String 1sp

Pick 1gp
Bear Trap 40gp
Caltrops 1gp
Vial of acid 25gp
Chain, 20 feet 10gp
Paper, 5 sheets 5sp
Elvish steel arms x10 +1 attack
Dwarvish steel arms x20 +1 dmg/AC
Pistol 250gp 1d6*
Musket 150gp 1d8*
Bayonet 5gp 1d4/1d6
Smokepowder, flask 5gp

*Damage from firearms is exploding damage, meaning that if it deals its maximum possible damage value, roll damage again and add that to the total damage

String: String is ordinary flax or cotton twine. It is not sturdy enough to support more than a pound or two, but is useful for leaving signals or messages or marking a trail in a labyrinth.
Pick: A pick is about 2 feet long with an iron head. It is useful for breaking up stone. If used in combat it deals 1d6 damage.
Bear Trap: A bear trap is a simple mechanical trap consisting of a pair of iron jaws held in place by a spring. When triggered, the jaws snap shut and the creature that triggered the trap must save vs. blast or take 1d6 damage and have its speed reduced by half due to its leg being injured. This movement penalty lasts for 2d4 days or until magical healing is applied. Freeing a creature from a bear trap requires hands and takes one round.
Caltrops: Caltrops are small metal spikes that resemble jacks. It takes 1 round to scatter a bag of caltrops over a 5' radius. Creatures that attempt to walk through caltrops at more than half speed have a 2 in 6 chance of stepping on a caltrop. A creature that steps on a caltrop instantly stops in its tracks, takes 1 point of damage and moves at half speed due to its feet being injured. This movement penalty lasts for a day or until magical healing is applied.
Vial of acid: Acid can be thrown at enemies, dealing 1d8 points of damage for two rounds to the creature struck. It can also be used for weakening organic materials or metals, for instance dissolving the bars of a gate.
Chain, 20 feet: Iron chain can bear 105 stone, the weight of approximately seven human-sized beings.
Paper, 5 sheets: Each sheet is a largish piece of paper, about 24x16 inches.
Elvish steel arms: Elvish steel is extremely strong for its weight. Weapons made of Elvish steel attacks with a +1 bonus. Metal armor made of Elvish steel encumbers a character as if its AC was 1 less than normal.
Dwarvish steel arms: Dwarvish steel is particularly hard, but still quite flexible. Weapons made of Dwarvish steel deal 1 extra point of damage. Metal armor made of Dwarvish steel adds a +1 bonus to AC at no extra weight.
Pistol: A pistol is a firearm small enough to be used singlehanded. A pistol takes one round and both hands to reload. Historical pistols include the matchlock and wheellock pistols of the 15th through 17th centuries.
Arquebus: A smoothbore is a firearm big enough to require both hands to use. A pistol takes one round to reload. Historical muskets include the Dutch donderbuss or blunderbuss, the Japanese tanegashima, the French fusil, or the English caliver.
Bayonet: A bayonet is a dagger with a hilt that allows it to be fixed into the barrel of an arquebus. Fixing a bayonet takes one round. While the bayonet is fixed the arquebus cannot be reloaded or fired. Anyone who can fight using a dagger can also use an unfixed bayonet. The former damage value is for using a bayonet one-handed, the latter damage value is for a firearm to which one has been fixed, wielded in both hands.
Smokepowder, flask: Smokepowder is an alchemical substance with unusual properties-- in that quantities less than half an ounce explode with a loud bang and a great deal of smoke when exposed to high heat, pressure, or sparks, but larger quantities are safely inert. Though many alchemists seeks to create powder that will explode in larger quantities in order to make bombs and cannons, none have yet succeeded.. A flask of smokepowder is sufficient for 50 shots from a pistol or arquebus. Water will spoil it.
Bullets: A bullet can be used just as adequately in a pistol or arquebus as in a sling.

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