Saturday, July 13, 2013

Nostalgia for 3.5

...Dang, never thought that's something I'd have.

I dunno if it was just my age, or the fact that D&D was new to me in those days, or they just had a particularly engaging style, or what, but D&D 3.5 and its sourcebooks were just a great pleasure for me to read, once upon a time. Sometimes 4e reached those heights too. As strange as it may sound, 1e and 2e were never quite as enjoyable to me, nor even my beloved retroclones. B/X is okay reading, I guess, but a little light. If you haven't noticed I don't really care that much about other games besides D&D and its variants these days, though I am nominally in a Shadowrun game with my brother.

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JD Neal said...

I started way back in '81 and it was the reading that really attracted me - what there was of it - and there needed to be more of it back then. The adventure examples and modules.

That is a great way to attract people and one thing missing in some of the current clones - which are of course rules sets, but also suffer from a lack of inspiring reading. They explain rules, but not necessarily the soul of gaming - having fun playing!