Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Better Know a Wilderness Hex: 1802

Okay, so memorial day was hectic (and awesome!) so this post is a day late. This one is just me getting used to the format, I intend to spend the rest of the week (unless I get done faster) coming up with an overview to make everything all square and consistent going forward.

Today's random hexes are 1802.

1802: The Silver Aerie
An unscrupulous 2nd-level mage named Ozzer and his hawk familiar Sven have set up an unusual get-rich-quick scheme. Ozzer spends his mornings hunting small game with a sling to feed the four ordinary hawks that the two of them have trained to swarm passers-by and steal shiny objects from them. Every few weeks he travels to the town at 2100 or the castles in 2104 and 1303 to fence his lucre. In this way Ozzer has accumulated in the last month some 300 GP in assorted loose change, a polished lapis lazuli worth 30 GP, and a Medallion of ESP. Ozzer has in his spellbook Ventriloquism and Charm Person, which he will utilize if encountered to attempt to persuade the wealthiest-appearing party member hand over their valuables. Should this fail he will make a run for it, possibly using Ventriloquism to create a diversion.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Getting off my ass

So I need to start blogging again. Just for the sake of having something productive to do. And because, goddammit, I want readers.

Behold, the Outdoor Survival map, the first campaign setting.

Mentioned in the pages of OD&D, and for all the geography is wackadoo, it's still a pretty sexy little piece of cartography. And here it is with its hexes all conveniently numbered for us.

What could I do with this, I wonder?

Well, how about I stock it?

From here on, I'm making a commitment to create a write-up for every inhabited hex on the map, as well as scattered points of interest throughout, in the style of a Wilderlands map, or maybe Rob Conley's Blackmarsh and Points of Light-- all of them fine old-school products you should probably go and get your hands on. When it's done, maybe I'll make a PDF available with the whole thing consolidated. Expect the first couple hexes sometime during Memorial Day.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Schedule slip is a bitch

I guess this depression is going to be one of those long frustrating ones for me... For a month now I start feeling better and then crash again. I haven't been in any shape to do anything creative in that time. Apart from which I feel like... I dunno, I don't have much to say about gaming lately, and particularly OSR stuff. I still like it, mind you, but I am still pretty excited for D&D 5th Edition, and expect to drift over to that in the coming months as the finished game rolls out. I think my interest will perk up a lot when that gets out the door.

Just to give you all some actual gaming talk, though I expect you've heard already, the initial 5e product line has been introduced. I'm annoyed that character generation isn't in the box set, but having it in a free PDF (and possibly more according to the RPG Pundit) makes up for that. I mostly like the cover art for everything so far as well. What are the opinions of my tiny handful of readers?