Sunday, May 25, 2014

Getting off my ass

So I need to start blogging again. Just for the sake of having something productive to do. And because, goddammit, I want readers.

Behold, the Outdoor Survival map, the first campaign setting.

Mentioned in the pages of OD&D, and for all the geography is wackadoo, it's still a pretty sexy little piece of cartography. And here it is with its hexes all conveniently numbered for us.

What could I do with this, I wonder?

Well, how about I stock it?

From here on, I'm making a commitment to create a write-up for every inhabited hex on the map, as well as scattered points of interest throughout, in the style of a Wilderlands map, or maybe Rob Conley's Blackmarsh and Points of Light-- all of them fine old-school products you should probably go and get your hands on. When it's done, maybe I'll make a PDF available with the whole thing consolidated. Expect the first couple hexes sometime during Memorial Day.


ProfessorOats said...

Ooh, you've definitely piqued my interest with this project; I'm always ready to read pretty much anything regarding Outdoor Survival! Would you believe I've owned that game for five months and still haven't gotten around to playing it? The rules and survival guide have made for some interesting reads, though

Scott Anderson said...

Perfect. I thought I was going to have to stock it. My months of stalking this website have finally begun to pay off... Muahaha

Ynas Midgard said...

I may write up my own version,a s well. By the way, what's the legal status of the map?