Tuesday, August 6, 2013

On hidden treasure

So I'm sure that if you read this blog, you've seen Wayne's post about hiding unguarded treasures. I sort of wanted to have a chart to go with, so here's d20 places to hide treasure. These are designed to be fairly straightforward ones that can be recovered with basic searching-- crazy stuff like being dissolved in acid ala Bohr's nobel prize is cool but we're going for simple and functional here, I believe in leaving truly unique stuff up to individual information, not random charts.

1 Behind a brick or stone in the wall 11 In the base of a statue
2 Behind a mirror, painting, or tapestry 12 Inside of a hollow statue or decoration
3 Bottom of a barrel, pot, or chest full of nonvaluable objects 13 Inside of a sufficiently bulky piece of furniture
4 Buried in a refuse pile 14 Invisible, but otherwise just out of the way
Disguised as something else by illusions
Lining the bottom of a pool or fountain
6 False bottom of an empty container 16
Loose floorboard or flagstone
False bottom of a drawer
17 Under a (false) pillar
8 Hollowed-out book or books 18 Under the seat of a privy
9 Hollow spot above a panel of the ceiling 19 Up the chimney of a stove or fireplace
10 In a room behind a secret door 20 Up the spout of a fountain

8/15: Well, who knew? Dyson had something similar a while back. I'm surprised none of these occurred to me. Told you lot he was cleverer than me.


Roger the GS said...

Under a pillar? Those are going to be some flat gold pieces there.

"kneaded inside a wad of tar/pile of clay/fatberg"

Rachel Ghoul said...

Well, a false pillar, I kind of figured. Not one that actually bears a load, since whoever hid it there presumably wants to be able to retrieve it.