Sunday, May 19, 2013

How is this spellbook arranged?

Roll 1d12:
  1. The spellbook is a lavishly illuminated manuscript. The spell formulas are incorporated into the marginalia and gold leaf.
  2. The spellbook is a collection of poems or songs composed by the wizard. The cadences and melodies themselves are a mnemonic device for the actual spells.
  3. The spellbook is a folio of paintings or drawings depicting bizarre creatures and landscapes. A certain continuous line in each image describes the pattern the magic must take through the wizard's mind.
  4. The spellbook is a journal with entries recounting the day the wizard learned each individual spell. The wizard can memorize the spell by remembering how casting it for the first time felt.
  5. The spellbook is a manual of yoga positions or martial art forms. By repeating a specific sequence of movements, a spell is ingrained into the wizard's muscle memory.
  6. Each spell in this spellbook is presented as a different recipe, which the wizard prepares by cooking it
  7. The spellbook isn't a book at all, but an elaborately-carved rod or staff, on which the wizard has carved a mnemonic pattern of grooves and bumps that she can run her fingers along.
  8. The spellbook isn't a book at all, but a bag of tiny stones or other small objects which the wizard must swallow, one for each spell. Upon being cast, the wizard spits up the corresponding stone.
  9. The spellbook is a deck of cards, from which the wizard divines a day's spells by shuffling and drawing a hand, trusting in fate to provide the spells she will need today.
  10. The spellbook is a manual of acupuncture, complete with a set of needles. The wizard prepares each spell by stimulating the flow of chi through a certain configuration of meridians.
  11. The spellbook is a notebook full of complex mathematical equations, which the wizard must solve each morning using a bit of pencil.
  12. The spellbook is a collection of koans. By meditating on the paradox, the wizard attains a momentary state of enlightenment that puts her in tune with the flow of magic.

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