Friday, May 3, 2013

Halflings for B/X

Because shut up, Tavis and Alex, Halflings are awesome. =P

Like most of my content this has not been playtested... yet.

The following is a General proficiency, but is only available to human classes that do not cast Arcane spells. Unlike most proficiencies it can only be taken at first level, and requires two proficiency slots.

Halfling: The character is a Halfling, a tiny relative of Dwarves and Humans. His lifespan is half again as long as members of his race, and he enjoys a +2 bonus to AC against creatures of man size or larger. Additionally, halflings, like Dwarves, are Hardy People so the target value for their saves vs. Blast/Breath are reduced by 3, and the target values of all other saves are reduced by 4. However, halflings are very small in size and are subject to the following additional restrictions:
  • The maximum weight a halfling can carry is equal to 15 stone, plus his strength adjustment.
  • A halfling cannnot use longbows, arbalests, or melee weapons that require two hands to use, and never uses the increased damage value for using battle axes, flails, maces, warhammers, spears, or swords two-handed.
  • A halfling does not begin play with the Adventuring proficiency.
ETA 5/4/2013: At the suggestion of Doctor Pete from the Autarch forums I've altered it a little bit.

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