Saturday, May 14, 2016

Shameless reblogging

Those of you who are my longtime readers (what few of you may be left...) know that one of my perpetual bugbears (as opposed to actual bugbears, of which I am quite fond) has been the archetype and role of the cleric in a setting. And while I'm not alone in this, it's always nice to get a little reminder that others think about it a lot too, as Anders has over at Mythlands-Erce. Go give his post some love.

I'm still not quite up to blogging regularly, but I do have some things that, I hope, will be ready for primetime that I can share soon. Maybe that will be the start I need for further work in the near future.


Libri said...

Top notch reblog. Was an interesting take on clerics and fantasy religions from someone previously not in my feed. Thanks for heads up.

DevDigs said...

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