Tuesday, December 16, 2014

And here I am, three months later.

Don't worry, it hasn't been anything too horrible. But when my depression and stress claw at my life, gaming in general is the first thing to give and this blog in particular suffers as my creative juices slow to a crawl and what inspiration does come gets constantly second-guessed. It's no way to live, but we all keep trying like fools. Now that all three core books for 5e are out, and hopefully, I'll be getting for Christmas, maybe I'll get the chance to flex my gaming muscle a little more... But by saying that I've probably jinxed it.

I have been gaming a little, in a Forgotten Realms campaign over at the BFRPG forums. I may have mentioned that earlier this year. But it's been a big help to me. It's given me a little bit of creative outlet, and my pair of halflings in that game has been a much-needed opportunity to spread my wings a little bit.

That's the paradox of depression, isn't it? It sucks all the joy out of doing things, but then if you actually knuckle down and do them it turns out to not be so bad after all. This blog is probably the same way. If I got back in the swing of things I bet it'd come as naturally as anything.


Trey said...

Depression is an insidious illness. I hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

It is insidious. Stay balanced. Wishing you well.

Roger G-S said...

Welcome back, looking forward to more stuff from you!

TheHomelessNerd said...

I understand completely, my own blog has been very sporadic after the last year of troubles. While doing something is a great cure for depression (a good life is worth more than any number of pills), it's also important not to beat yourself up and make it worse (which can be hard advise to take I know ;). Hang in there.

Paul Pinkosh said...

I suffer from very, very mild depression. I am lucky, some mild meds fix it. Still, I can understand how difficult it can be do get going sometimes--even with things one enjoys doing.
If it helps, let me tell you that I always enjoy reading your blog. I wish mine were anywhere near as full of good ideas. Don't take that as pressure to write more; take it as encouragement. Your posts are worth the wait.
I hope your holidays are happy and that the New Year will be full of good times for you.