Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Poem: Suzuki Beane Method

(Like we all know about dogs)
(With their crazy four legs)
But what about the dogmen
Hotdogging us before they stick it in
(And with that wild ta)le
Dogma spread across the lawn
Their doggerel
Blossoming like dogwoods in spring
(And we pet them and things)
As the dogs of war
Chew the doughboys like biscuits
(But who cares about four legs)
Three branches two houses eight corporations
(And a ta)le
Told by a barker posing as an idiot
Signifying everything
(When all they really do is) shit.

Author's notes: This was meant to be in more of a "slam poetry" style than some of my usual output. It's also decidedly a protest piece, though like most of my work it's meant to convey an emotional impression more than anything in particular. It should be read aloud at a fairly fast, aggressive clip.

People with absurdly huge reference pools will recognize the lines in parentheses as belonging to a somewhat obscure book written by one Sandra Scoppettone called Suzuki Beane, about a six-year-old beatnik. The title is an homage to that and to the Gorillaz song "Left Hand Suzuki Method."


ProfessorOats said...

Why does the Internet insist on reminding me that I don't get poetry?

Rachel Ghoul said...

Sorry, Oats. I'd set up a separate poetry blog, but I don't write frequently enough to make it worth it.

ProfessorOats said...

Nah, I think it's cool that you'd post this here. Just sucks I can't fully appreciate it. Quite a few of the ponyfics that've been recommended to me have been poetry, so I've been feelin' a bit down 'cause I feel like I'm missing out