Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I think the issue is...

(First of all, a reminder that I'm still looking for three more alternative type II demons)

But anyway. I think the issue is that I'm just in the mood to try running other things. Lately the sorts of games and setting that catch my eye have been... very episodic sorts of games, many of them outside of the purview of typical D&D fantasy-- Star Trek, Doctor Who, noir, wrestling, westerns, things like that (though also a flirtation with a Harry Potter campaign of some sort.) I think part of that may be my previously-discussed need to feel like I have everything prepared-- a more episodic sort of game can be more... focused, so that only what's needed for the scenario can be prepared.

At the same time, I'm less inclined to blog about that stuff, because I know there's nothing as annoying as following a blog with good D&D ideas and having that veer off into a bunch of games you don't care about.


David Larkins said...

Eh, it's your blog--use it to follow your muse of inspiration. For every reader who wishes you were still talking about cool D&D stuff, you may find another reader who loves the fact you're talking about Game X or Genre Y. Lord knows there are plenty of "D&D only" blogs out there but not enough that talk about other games and genres, IMO.

As Morgan Freeman once said, "Allah loves wond'rous variety."

Jason Packer said...

I'm new to the blog, having arrived from Doug's Gaming Ballistic, so you can imagine I'm not strictly a D&D guy myself. That said, I don't tend to tether myself to a single system on my blog either, and you get a wide variety of readers that way. Some come for the GURPS stuff, some for the Hero stuff and some for the Runequest. Others still are happy to read about, and comment on, any sort of gaming you can imagine.