Wednesday, December 4, 2013

In which Fantastic Heroes and Witchery becomes my favorite retroclone

A few days ago over on Dragonsfoot, Turanil had this to say:

Next book is going to be the Blasphemous Bestiary. I am going to rework it from the ground up. Besides my own interpretation of goblinoids, trolls and orcs (mostly fluff), and the inclusion of demons type 1 to 6, this will be mostly about Cthulhu critters, science-fiction monsters, and probably all that are found in John Carter of Mars, plus several from Doctor Who (yet all of them will be but inspired by, to avoid copyrights infringements).
This is pretty exciting and I hope he'll have a free preview version available. (The reason for his reworking is to encourage people to check out the Adventures Dark and Deep Bestiary, which was recommended in the thread. My interest in Adventures Dark and Deep has definitely been piqued by the recommendation, as I found FH&W most excellent. Joseph, if you're reading this, any chance I could review it for you?)


JDJarvis said...

It's a pretty sweet rules set. I like the reworking of the clerics and look forward to the completed bestiary i have the doc copy of the old one the authors was working on and one of the preview copies and it's good.

Rachel Ghoul said...

Jarvis, is there any way I could get a look at that? Or would he prefer you to keep it to yourself?