Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Back on the horse

Okay, so a few days ended up being more like... a month. So sue me, it's been kind of a difficult fall for me. What else is new?

I've been rolling around the idea of a Wizard Without Spells in the vein of Talysman's Cleric Without Spells for a while now, but the going is a little slow. For some reason spells as specific, repeatable programs with a single function is one of those D&Disms that does get tiresome for me now and then. I dunno, I'd like to try out something a little different when it comes to magic.If anyone still reads this and has suggestions for products or blog posts or whatever I should look at, let me know.


StevenWarble said...

For ideas on a magic system without a spell list, I always liked Barbarians of Lemuria.

In brief, a mage with first level spells can do anything a skilled person with the right gear could do... climb a cliff, pick a lock, break down a door.

Second level spells do things that are impossible for a single person to do... push down a wall, fly over a chasm, etc

Third level spells cause disasters and curse generations. Don't mess with third level spells.

There's a free version of the game at http://www.1km1kt.net/rpg/barbarians-of-lemuria

Lots of interesting stuff that can be converted to other systems easily.

Charles Town said...

You could look at HARP from Iron Crown. it has a fresh take on the meta magic and acquisition of spells. And hough I have never played it I was always intrigued by Ars Magica's System Here is a listing from Atlas Games that might be worth looking at.

Rachel Ghoul said...

Hm. Neat. Thank you both.