Friday, June 14, 2013

Random elf names

This is meant to go with Jeff's Random Dwarf Names generator from a while back. The results will probably be gibberish most of the time to anyone who actually understands any Sindarin or Quenya, but I don't so fuck that.

Roll for the first part. Then roll 1d3-1 for the number of middle parts. Once you've gone through all your initial elements roll for the last part.

First Parts
  1. Ar-
  2. Cele- or Cir-
  3. El- or Ea-
  4. Fea-
  5. Fin-
  6. Gal-
  7. Glor-
  8. Hal-
  9. Le- or Li-
  10. Lu-
  11. Or-
  12. Thran-
Middle Parts
  1. -a- or -ar-
  2. -ad- or -d-
  3. -b- or -eb-
  4. -du-
  5.  -e- or -er-
  6. -fin-
  7. -go- or -gol-
  8. -in- or -n-
  9.  -ir- or -r-
  10. -la-
  11. -ri- 
  12. -th- or -thi-
End Parts
  1.  -ad or -an
  2.  -as
  3. -dor or -rod
  4. -el or -del
  5. -gol
  6. -iel
  7. -il
  8. -in
  9. -ir
  10. -on or -ond
  11. -or or -orn 
  12. -we or -wen
  • Double vowels and any diphthongs that don't look right should be broken up with an appropriate consonant-- any of g, th, l, or d usually work.
  • Double consonants should likewise be broken up with a vowel, probably a or e maybe o.
  • Like I said, most of the result you get out of this will be gibberish.

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