Saturday, August 23, 2014

In which a 5e Background is introduced: The Fey-Touched


When you were very young, you were kidnapped and taken to the Feywild to be raised in the court of a fairy noble, and a changeling left in your place. Were you raised as a princeling? A pet? A slave? You were set free, escaped, or simply allowed to leave the nest when you grew up and have come to the material plane to seek your fortune.

Skill Proficiencies: Arcana, Persuasion

Tool Proficiencies: One gaming set or musical instrument

Languages: Sylvan.

Equipment: A set of fine clothes, a token to remember your birth family by or a small favor from your patron, and a purse containing 15GP

Feature: Fairy Courtier
You grew up among the fey, and are used to their bizarre customs, strange manners, and frequent shifts in logic. When interacting with fey, you can keep up with them as easily as you can with material plane societies.

1. I am only really familiar with the customs and habits of the Feywild, so I seem strange and unusual.
2. People mistake me for being highly superstitious because I take every opportunity to appease any of the Fair Folk that might live nearby.
3. I grew up around such strange beauty that I find myself somewhat blase about the world.
4. I was treated harshly as a slave of the Lords and Ladies, and am somewhat fearful and submissive.
5. I was a favored child of the fey and have a spoiled and entitled attitude.
6. I am bizarrely joyful and prone to jokes, songs, or dance.

1. Stringency: I hold myself and everyone I make deals with to the exact letter of their word, as the fairies do. (Lawful)
2. Cruelty: My masters treated me as a plaything, and I will do the same if I can to others. (Evil)
3. Freedom: I escaped the Feywild, and I encourage others to escape what is holding them. (Chaotic)
4. Unpredictability: Things in my home were often strange, and I always expect the unexpected. (Chaotic)
5. Wonder: Things in the Feywild are so amazing, I wish to share that beauty with the world! (Good)
6. Curiosity: The Material Plane is so different from the Feywild, it's exciting to see what it has to offer. (Neutral)

1. I am on the run from my wicked faerie captors.
2. My patron owes me a favor that one day I'd like to collect if I see them again.
3. I was betrothed to one of the fey before I left.
4. I won my freedom in a game-- and the loser isn't happy.
5. I bargained away something irreplaceable, like my memories of my birth family or the color of my hair.
6. My birth family weren't fooled by the changeling left in my place, and have never given up searching for me.

1. I am the adopted scion of a lord or lady of the Feywild. Mere mortals are beneath me.
2. I never quite seem to fit in, no matter where I go.
3. I was... altered, somehow, and not in a nondescript way. People stare.
4. Once, I had to bargain away one or more of my emotions. I no longer feel that way at all.
5. Years of toil in the hostile social environment of the Feywild has embittered me.
6. I've learned all too well to fear what magic, used in anger, can do.

Alternate Feature: Fey Patron (Credit to /u/JRutterbush at reddit)
You have the ability to contact one of the fey who raised you, from whom you may ask favors. They may be unable or unwilling to help, or require repayment in kind.


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